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Weddings at the Drive In


The weddings we have done are always with a very fun and amazing group of people. They are different in that they don’t follow the typical structure of weddings, which is why we are a perfect fit. We aim to provide a very unique experience at our boutique venue. The benefits that wedding parties enjoy is the flexibility of our venue, giving a cool vibe and a more fun and free experience. The food is spectacular, and the atmosphere makes it all the more memorable. We have a highly trained staff and it’s family run, so you have the special personal touch and attention. We are very flexible in terms of arrangements and how you’d like to customize your event. We have our own food truck which is Greek Fried Dough and Crepes.

We are about providing uniqueness and a dimensional experience. That’s what we do. Unique food, services, and experience. We have a staff of 65+ people who work at the restaurants/drive in everyday and so we cover all the angles and have the abilities to throw any type of wedding depending on your budget. While the drive in is seasonal in nature in our area, we have much experience in the hospitality industry as our company also runs a chain of 12 other restaurants in the area, so food is our thing too, and movies, and everything involving entertainment.

We restrict ourselves to just 5 weddings a season. We have availability for the 2017/2018 seasons but we do restrict to just five because we want to keep it as unique and special as possible and also don’t want to disappoint movie goers by being closed often, as we are wildly popular and do sell out every weekend. For us to shut down, we would need to be compensated with an exclusivity charge.


  • You can arrange to have a priest marry you on our premise and conduct the church services here!
  • 120 Guests (we can accommodate 200+ guests for $100/person over 120 guests)
  • Exclusivity to our venue for one day 12pm – 1am
  • Movie Rights to show any movie on our screen
  • Professional Photographer
  • Access to our in house graphic designer to design menu, specialty themed graphics, etc…
  • Access to our fire pit
  • Access to our staff (to help setup, decorate, etc..)
  • 4 Hour Open Bar operated by professional bartenders
  • Snack Shack for burgers/hot dogs/shakes for 1 hour after during late night dancing. 10 – 11pm
  • 3 options for main course (From our menu entree) – if you don’t see something you’d like we can custom make anything for additional charge
  • Salad (Famous Greek Salad)
  • hors d’oeuvres – (Crudite, pizza, spinach pie, etc.)
  • Dessert – Baklava

This service covering the above amenities and services, catered, with the exclusivity fee will cost $16,500.


  • Tent and table rentals (don’t worry we work closely with local suppliers that are affordable – for 150 guests it would cost roughly 2k) – we can handle those arrangements as well to take added pressure off your hands.
  • DJ
  • We own an Inn with 11 rooms 10 miles up the street that you can enjoy for accommodations, which is great!

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