How to Buy Tickets

Single feature vehicle reservation + driver’s ticket ($16). Double feature vehicle reservation + driver’s ticket ($17). *Please note: this is not a carload pass. We charge for passengers @ the box office.

Tickets for passengers are purchased at the box office when you arrive.  Adults – $14.00 // Kids, Seniors + Vets – $10.00

Purchase extras @ the Box Office when you arrive. Throwback Thursday  – $2 extra per ticket. Walk-Ons – $14 // Radio Rentals – $7

Showings 7 Nights a Week/
Spring to Fall/Rain or Shine

First run, double feature, rain or shine with no minimum on cars. Occasionally, we may do a special indie screening. This information can be found in our Events Calendar.

Movie Genres + Schedule

We are a boutique theatre and largely showcase family-friendly films along with comedy and drama. Movies are changed every Friday. On Thursday we may do a triple showing, in honor of #throwbackthursday, and show a classic hit. You can find the Four Brothers Drive-In Movie Schedule here.


We take parking very seriously so that everyone has a fair and wonderful viewing experience. Please follow all parking instructions and be courteous of other guests. We park smaller vehicles towards the front and largest towards the back. Tailgating is acceptable only if it doesn’t block viewing ability from the guest behind you (don’t worry we have string to tie your hatch). Parking on the line and perpendicular to the line with a computable shoulder-length distance apart. Vehicles can run intermittently but not for the full duration of the movie. We can accommodate 125 vehicles.

Gates Open Early

Arrive early and take advantage of everything the Drive-In has to offer. The concession shack operates all day, so there is always staff on site after 12:00 pm. We will admit customers who want to park early after those hours. And don’t forget to enjoy all our Free on-site activities and amenities.