Drive In Etiquette

Our goal is for everyone to have fun and these guidelines are designed to ensure just that!

Smoking only at the firepit please - and only when kids are not present.

Lights out - so your battery doesn't die and you don't blind other vehicles. Thanks!

You are welcome to leave early - please leave swiftly and subtly, lights off, quietly, carefully, and be mindful of your neighbor!

Arriving late will require lights to be off and entering only during appropriate scenes.

No single car riders on the weekends (Thurs - Sun) please: you must purchase 2 tickets if coming alone or bring a friend - it's more fun that way!

You cannot hold spots for others while you wait unless you have a preferred parking ticket - we can do our best to accommodate but the we cannot reserve spaces.

No outside food or on-site grilling allowed.

We play our movies rain or shine, so bring an umbrella just in case!

Our venue is designed to make people feel happy and accepted. As such, we do not tolerate disrespect, rule-breaking or inconveniencing of others. Please note that violations of our policy may result in you being asked to


If purchasing online, purchase a vehicle + driver ticket ($15 for one movie/$16 for the double feature) and when you arrive at the box office you will purchase tickets for all the riders in your vehicle.

All ticket sales are final. If you notify us at least 24 hours before the movie start time, we'd be happy to issue a promo code (not a refund) to switch your date, or to change your lane selection (depending on availability)

You can transfer tickets: If you are unable to join us and want to gift your family or friends your purchased vehicle + driver ticket - no problem! Just send them your QR tickets and we can still scan them (transferrable to one person/group)


We park according to size. Small vehicles in front, larger in back. This is for the viewing pleasure of all our guests. Parking is at the discretion of Four Brothers attendants.

You cannot save spots unless you have purchased a preferred parking pass - not available every night. We can do a temporary hold when available.

Viewability is one of our main priorities and final parking discretion is left up to staff. Smaller vehicles toward the front, larger vehicles toward the back

Please drive 5 MPH at all times when on Four Brothers Drive-In Property

If you decide to tailgate, please make sure your hatch isn’t obstructing the view of other patrons sitting behind you. We will tie the hatch down if necessary.


Wait times: Food can vary in wait times because of guest volume - we suggest ordering ahead of time and early to avoid longer wait times. During normal business hours all food can be made within 15-20 minutes, or even as quick as 10 minutes. During peak hours food orders can range from 40 minutes to 1+ hours.

All food is made to order.

Outside food is allowed with a $10 food voucher - can be purchased at the ticket booth upon arrival.

If you have allergens, please let us know.

If ordering online or on the app, opt-in for text notifications by including your phone number in your order. This way, you can track the progress of your order and let us know when you are here for pickup!


Please clean up after your pets.

If you have any handicap please let us know so we can do our best to accommodate you.

The safety of our staff and guests is our top priority. Please see our list of Covid rules which must be followed while on premises.