Arrive early to take advantage of all we offer –

concessions open at 12:00 PM and gates open as early as 4:30 PM. 


Make your visit to the drive-in an overnight experience! Get cozy by our pergola + fire pit, then camp out under the stars.


Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love a friendly game of putt putt? Great for date night, family outings or just to keep the kids occupied while you get to watch the grown-up movie. Mini golf is $5 per person and can be booked in person from 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Pergola + Fire Pit

Our fire is lit and open to ticket holders nightly*. It is the perfect spot to snuggle up and watch the movie. Seats 8 people around a cozy fire, complete with speakers. BYO smores! *Subject to availability. Pergola may be reserved for private parties occasionally.

Pet Friendly

During the day we encourage the public to enjoy the drive-in as a communal park. All are welcome to take walks with their pets, sit and enjoy our music, and relax on the green lawn. Please always have your pet on a leash for the safety of them and others, and please remember to clean up after them!

Playground + Arcade

The Four Brothers Drive-In playground is a fun and safe area for kids to enjoy. Located adjacent to the Grand Shack, it features a swing set, coin-operated rides and even an arcade. Something for even the littlest drive-in enthusiasts!

Walk On Seating

Psst. Want to enjoy the movie without the wheels? The Vroom Vroom Room is $40 to reserve for walk-ons. Use our furniture for an additional cost or bring your own. 

Mastodon Exhibit

The cast of the Mastodon, formerly at the children’s museum, has found a home here at our Drive-In Theatre in Amenia. The original skeleton was found in Hyde Park and was the most complete ever discovered. There has been a documentary filmed for Discovery Channel and this is the cast of that skeleton! School trips & showings can be arranged at

Gardens + Polaroid Spots

As you walk around the property, you’ll spy veggies, flowers + some pretty unique greenery along with hundreds of great views to capture your visit. We love to see happy pics of our moviegoers so don’t forget to post to our social pages!

Art Walk

We wanted to build a space that was both functional and beautiful so we hope you’ll take some time to tour the unique artwork, signage and antique finds that have become a hallmark of our drive-in.

Carhop Delivery Service

We are vintage in it’s full sense. Order food over the phone, online or at the Shack and have it delivered to your car during the movie. We pride ourselves on extraordinary service. We want to make your movie experience as memorable as ever. Our app is free to download.

For the People

During the day we encourage the public to enjoy the drive-in as a communal park. All are welcome to take walks with their pets, sit and enjoy our music, and relax on the green lawn.

Guests With Special Requirements

We are happy to accommodate any person or group that may have a special need. Please ask one of our staff to assist. We also have an ADA restroom on site.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

If you’re doing your part to save the planet – we are here for it! Enjoy level 2 charging at the Blink charger with a J12 universal plug anytime, or while you watch a movie. Available 24 hours. (PS. We happen to be the only outdoor theatre in America where you can do this!)

Windshield + Battery Service

At the Drive-In, your car is part of the movie experience. If your windshield isn’t clean, we will gladly clean it for you. We want the best viewing experience for our guests. In the event that your car won’t start, we will have our staff help you start it with our jumpers. 

On-Screen Messages

Run a message or ad on-screen for just a single night to celebrate an occasion, promote an upcoming event, drive traffic to your site, or show some love.

They told us what a drive-in should be and we said, “No Thank You!”

What’s Happening?

Some of our most popular events include throwback parties, concerts, movie premiers, and beyond!