We have so much fun and adventure on-site, our biggest tip is getting here early to enjoy everything the drive-in has to offer! For the show, here’s how tickets, parking, sound and food works.

How to Buy Tickets

Single feature vehicle reservation + driver’s ticket ($16). Double feature vehicle reservation + driver’s ticket ($17). *Please note: this is not a carload pass. We charge for passengers @ the box office.

Tickets for passengers are purchased at the box office when you arrive.
Adults – $14.00 // Kids, Seniors + Vets – $10.00

Purchase extras @ the Box Office when you arrive. Throwback Thursday  – +$2 on all tickets and reservations. Walk-Ons – $14 // Radio Rentals – $7

Why Buy Online?

Buying tickets online reserves your spot so you don’t get locked out of the show. Purchase a vehicle + driver ticket online ($16 for single features/$17 for double features) and when you arrive at the drive-in you’ll purchase tickets for all other riders in your vehicle. This way you can decide at the last minute who’s jumping in the car but you know you have spot ready for ya! Remember to bring your email confirmation with QR code for check-in and come in the vehicle you specified.

Can I Buy at the Box Office?

We do have tickets available to purchase at the box office but they are subject to availability. Just drive up to the box office and ask if there are spots available. We cannot guarantee a spot for your car but you can still purchase tickets and enjoy the movie from one of our walk-on seating areas. You can also be added to our standby list in case there are openings (and wait in our restaurant parking area until after start time.)

Ways to Watch the Movie

(This is the fun part!)

From Your Car (or bike)

We suggest bringing your coziest setup – blankets, pillows and chairs but keep in mind these guidelines:

You can tailgate (as long as it doesn't affect the person behind you)

You can bring lawn chairs + sit outside - to the space of your vehicle.

You can sit on the roof of your car if it isn't an obstruction to any other viewer

You can park facing towards the screen or back into your spot and open the hatch and watch from behind

We can jumpstart your vehicle if your battery dies.

Walk-On Seating

Walk-in without a car and sit outside to experience the movie in one of our walk-on seating areas.

Chairs can be provided for larger groups

You cannot pick your seats - we rely on a first come first served basis.

Try the Vroom Vroom room, a particularly special seat designated to accommodate walk-ons.

Bring blankets + you can watch from one of our specific seating spots

Audio comes from our outdoor speakers, radios you can rent or bluetooth

From Your Campsite

If you want to truly relax during the show – plan to stay the night at our campground. All the same rules apply but you get to enjoy it from the comfort of your own camping spot and not have to drive home after the movie!

Bring your own chairs (and sleeping bags!)

Audio comes from outdoor speakers, radios you can rent or bluetooth.

Come Early and Enjoy the Extras

There is always something to see and do happening at the drive-in from pre-movie activities to live music. Check out our Events Calendar often.

Mini Golf (Now Open!)

Who doesn’t love a friendly game of putt putt? Great for date night, family outings or just to keep the kids occupied while you get to watch the grown-up movie. Mini golf is $5 per person and can be booked in person from 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Grand Bazaar

This year we’ll have a variety of local brands and business owners showcasing their wares at the Drive-In. Shopping for your next treasure is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon before snacks and a movie.

Fire Pit

Our fire is lit and open to ticket holders nightly*. It is the perfect spot to snuggle up and watch the movie. Seats 8 people around a cozy fire, complete with speakers. BYO smores! *Subject to availability. Pergola may be reserved for private parties occasionally.



Find your spot, listen to the parking attendant, be courteous of your neighbors and enjoy the show!

We park according to size - small vehicles in front, large in back. Parking is at the discretion of Four Brothers attendants to maximize visibility for everyone.

Please park over + perpendicular to line, front or back tire must be over the line (facing forwards or backwards for tailgating)

Small vehicles 5ft or less in towards the front, Larger vehicles 5.5 ft or more go towards the back.

We park cars CLOSELY to MAXIMIZE space but leave generous room for you and your neighbors to be safe and comfortable.

Leaving early? You can come and go as you please, but please keep your lights off and carefully move through the aisle to the right exit.

We love a great ``parking setup`` so bring chairs and enjoy as long as it's safe and not a distraction.

We can jump start your vehicle if your battery dies


4 Ways to Listen

Download the App “Listen Everywhere”, log in and select Four Brothers. Get on the 4 Brothers Wifi and Listen via Bluetooth.

Tune your car radio to 104.5 FM and get audio direct to your speakers.

Reserve yourself a radio by adding it onto your ticket purchase or going to our box office ($5 for the night)

We have 20 outdoor speakers set up throughout our venue that transmit all audio – grab a spot and enjoy.

How to Order

We have two menus to order from – The Grand Shack and the Restaurant. Order from any menu (including the restaurant) for pick up or delivery from the Shack.

This is the fastest way to order your food and even receive a text when it’s ready!

Click here to download the app.

When you’re ready, just mozy on up to the Shack and place your order.

If you’re a frequent flyer – this will be your preferred way to order. The app will also text you when it’s ready – plus Rewards!

Want the full restaurant experience? Check-in through the patio area or inside Four Brothers Restaurant.