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Every summer, we attract thousands of people for carefree Americana entertainment, food, and more. We are a family-run business specializing in authentic Greek cuisine and hospitality. Our highly-trained staff of chefs, film projectionists, and everything in between are ready to transform our restaurant and cinema under the stars into a multidimensional space for your bespoke wedding.

To ensure that every event is unique, memorable and flawlessly executed, we only schedule five weddings per season. The wedding party has exclusive access to our drive-in, and every opportunity to make it their own for the day. Our grounds include a massive-movie screen, a handsome pergola and fire pit, a playground for the kids, a patio with a stage on which a band can set up, and much more. Next to the drive-in, we operate a family-run Greek restaurant, offering a wide array of Mediterranean dishes and Greek pizza. We also feature a Snack Shack on the patio, and a food truck that specializes in Greek fried dough and crepes.

As an outdoor theater, we are a unique venue with a lively and contemporary atmosphere. We love bringing people together and creating celebrations with a depth of heart and soul. We encourage creativity and breaking out of the mold; The couples that choose us enjoy the freedom to craft their own wedding experience. They are adventure seekers and march to the beat of their own drum.

Weddings mark the beginning of your journey and set the tone for your life’s song. At Four Brothers Drive-In we are in pursuit of magic and are here to create a celebration that emphasizes the type of couple that you are.

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