The Four Brothers Group designed the drive-in around the spirit of American imagination, ingenuity, and lifestyle. Our model is based on family, entertainment, and creating beautiful memories. We care about sourcing local foods, providing unique services, great amenities and delivering happiness. We built this for you, for families, daters, friends, and even pets. It is designed by people for people.


The rocket ship logo is insured by the imagination and dreams of the American people in the 60’s. It was during that time that drive-ins were at their peak, under the stars, and we had just landed on the moon. Hence, bringing us to our fabled rocket ship where everything magical here, happens at night, under the stars and the rocket takes our dreams anywhere we want to go. We believe in dreams and the power of imagination. Under these stars, we believe you will find inspiration. Dream on Dreamers.


It’s not what is done, but how it’s done. We are passionate about bringing beauty, inspiration, extraordinary services, and high-quality locally sourced foods, together for one grand movie experience.


The Art Deco painting featured on the projection booth wall was designed and painted by local famous artist Peter Wing. We had the honor of having him paint this piece in 2014. This was his last public work before his tragic death. Art is the soul of our drive-in.


The Drive-In menu brings a variety of locally-sourced ingredients including Angus beef burgers and 100% all beef hot dogs from CT, NY Ice Cream, Greek Yogurt from Four Brothers Dairy Farm plus homemade rice pudding, lemonade and soft drinks made on-site.


The signs, furniture, and art you see placed throughout the venue are custom pieces. All handmade in America. Many are from the south with some coming all the way from California. These are intended not purely as signs, but as artisanal expressions of mood and character to influence our visitors.