From corporate events and movie premiers to fundraisers and school graduations, Four Brothers Drive-In offers the perfect spot for an out-of-this-world experience. We offer both private and public events, custom menu options, movie choices, top-notch staff and everything in between. If you have an idea for a unique event, reach out and let’s get creative!

Options include:

Private events: We'll shut down the drive-in for you! Your own event, not accessible to the public. From 10 guests to 500+ - the space is all yours, and so is our staff, amenities, facilities and most importantly, ambiance.

Semi-Private Events: Be part of our night and hold an event during regular hours and enjoy the ambiance of the drive-in, watch the movie and customize your menu and other features.

Take Overs: The drive-in is open to the public and you're in charge! Customize ticket prices, giveaways, activities, movie options and more. We bring the people, you bring the fun.


Event prices range depending on the # guests, the menu, activities and how you want to use the drive in. We work closely with each event planner to make sure your experience is exactly what you envision within your budget. Call us and let us discuss the options.

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